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Privacy policy
This privacy policy applies to the personal data provided for delivering our products and services.

We created this „privacy policy” to inform you about the method how Greenlicious collects, uses and processes the personal information.

Greenlicious can collect your personal data in a variety of sources like:

• Online or electronic interactions with Greenlicious, including our homepages greenlicious.ro, greenlicious.net, greenlicious.it, mobile phone applications, sms, social platforms like Facebook
• Offline interactions with Greenlicious, including advertising campaigns, promotions etc.
• Interactions with online content, like advertising, which Greenlicious or their provider, furnishes to third parties through websites or aplications

Using this website, you agree and accept our privacy policy.

If you don’t agree and accept this privacy policy, please don’t use this website. We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy anytime. Any changes will be posted in this privacy policy and the changes will apply for activities and informations collected after the publication of the changes. We advise you to stay updated about our privacy policy to be sure that you are well informed regarding any changes.

If you have any questions or requests regarding your personal data please contact us at info@greenlicious.ro

The entire content of www.greenlicious.ro, www.greenlicious.net, www.greenlicious.it – pictures, text, graphics, symbols, graphic elements, web codes, web applications and other data – is property of Greenlicious and is defended by the law.
Any use of the listed elements above without the permission of Greenlicious, shall be punished according to the law.

The Copyright for the existent information on this website is property of SC VIRIDIS WAY SRL-D. No information or material found on this website can not be copied, modified without a prior explicit permission written by SC VIRIDIS WAY SRL-D.

Service availability
Greenlicious.ro reserves the right to interrupt or modify, temporarily or permanent, partial or entirely, with or without a previous notification.
Greenlicious.ro isn’t responsible for the suspention or interruption of the services available through our website.

Comments, Comunications, and other Data
Those who visit our website, can write reviews and any other comunications, suggestions, ideas, questions or other informations, as long as it’s content it is not illegal, obscene, threatening, does not affect in any way the privacy of other persons, doesn’t violate the copyright, doesn’t contain viruses, texts containing advertise, spam.

Greenlicious reserves the right to cancel such information identified on our website, it won’t be responsable or obligated for any damages.

The user garantees that he/she has all the rights on the content shown or sent through our website.

Information security
This website uses security measures against loss, or wrong use of the information found in our control. SC VIRIDIS WAY SRL-D doesn’t take any responsability for loss of informations, caused by software errors with which the website is created and hosted.

The personal informations provided on the website are protected by the law 677/2001.

Giving your personal information data on our website, you give us the right to save them in our data base, to recive messages about our products and services, promotions and any other advertise material.
When requested, greenlicious has to correct, update, block, delete or tansform provided data.

Disclaimer of Responsibility
SC VIRIDIS WAY SRL-D is not responsible and can not be made guilty for any damage created by using the purchased products through our website. The website and it’s materials will be used „as they are” and „as long as they are available” without any guarantee.
SC VIRIDIS WAY SRL-D is not responsible for any damages, direct, indirect, by accident, special, damages for profit losses or any other losses caused by:

The use or imposibility of using the informations on our website
Unauthorized access or data damage;
Any other problem regarding the websites services.

If it is considered that any material shown on our website or posted by greenlicious, is violating the copyright, is necessary to inform the situation to info@greenlicious.ro

For the website sections containing user reviews, the user has the entire responsability of the written content. Greenlicious.ro, Greenlicious.net, Greenlicious.it, reserves the right to delete those reviews which are against our terms and conditions or which we consider harmful, in any way, to our image or our partners image.

Legal Conditions
Greenlicious.ro, greenlicious.it, greenlicious.net websites are functioning legal by romanian law.
Any conflicts will be solved in Romania, by romanian authorities.

Online orders
By ordering online on our websites, the client agrees with the terms and conditions on this website. The accept is expressed on the order page.